Our Story

Our Passion

It's our passion to empower people to be secure, free, and generous. This starts with our clients. We want them to be secure in the way we protect and grow their wealth. We want to give them the freedom to meet their needs and goals. And ultimately we want to create excess wealth, so that they can be generous and take care of others in their life: those who have need, those who are the most vulnerable.

We pursue our passion by evaluating a variety of investments for our clients, reviewing properties that are brought to us by third-party real estate companies. These run the gamut of property types, including land deals, hotel deals, industrial properties, net-leased properties, and multi-family properties. Our job is to look closely at the offerings that are brought to us and to determine what is appropriate for each particular client.

Our Story

For many years, Warren Thomas ran a CPA practice. In the nineties, he began offering financial planning services to clients. By the 2000s, the practice was working with many investors who were considering fractional ownership of real estate to complete their 1031 exchanges. We formed JRW to help us better do that.

Within a year of its formation, JRW became one of the top three leaders in working with securitized 1031 exchange properties. JRW remains one of the strongest and largest 1031 exchange shops in the country.

Our Company and Community

We also look at our core values in terms of how they apply to our staff. We want our staff to be secure, to have the benefits that they need and to have the income they need to take care of their family. We want them to be free to succeed. And ultimately we want to help and empower them to be generous, to be able to enjoy excess earnings. As they help our clients be successful, we want our employees to be successful. We want to be able to provide for them to be generous towards others in their community and their lives.

We also want our passion to extend to our communities. We want to see people within our community be secure, free, and generous. We want to empower our staff to provide for this, we want to provide for this as partners, and we want our clients to be able to provide for this. We strive for this so that we can all be generous to take care together of those who have great need and vulnerability around us.

As part of this mission, we are committed to supporting charitable organizations that help rescue children out of sex trafficking, rescue people out of slavery, and aid families suffering from homelessness. We have also provided for the building of a hospital in Bangladesh, which has doubled the capacity for a community there to meet the needs of those vulnerable in their community, many of whom are refugees that have been impacted by what is going on in Syria.

We look around the globe and we look in our own backyard to see what are the greatest needs around us and to determine what we can do to meet those needs.