Charities We Support

It’s Our Passion to Empower People to be Secure, Free, and Generous

JRW Investments is committed to advancing our passion by empowering investors, our industry partners, and our team, and also by serving the needs within our communities and across the world. We have been blessed with the opportunity to donate over $35.2 million as of 12/31/2020 to support charitable organizations that are working to effectively meet some of the deepest needs of a hurting world.

These charities are committed to:

  • Rescuing and restoring children and families out of slavery and sex trafficking
  • Providing shelter, food, and prevention to children and families who face homelessness
  • Helping orphans and under-resourced children with education, adoption, healthcare, and special programs

Please see below to learn more about our favorite charities that have met our high standards of operational excellence, stewardship, and effectiveness. Prior to donating, we conduct extensive due diligence on each charity's financials, operations, governance infrastructure, key leadership, and results so that we can select those charities that we believe are among the best at addressing the needs of those who are most vulnerable. We hope you will consider joining us in supporting these amazing organizations. Generally, we will gladly match or multiply any donation that you make to one of the organizations below. Please let us know prior or directly after you have made your donation at so that we can track and ensure that your donation gets matched.

Saving Innocence

Saving Innocence works to end the commercial sexual exploitation of children and restore the cultural values of innocence and human worth. By serving, empowering, protecting, and advocating for child victims of sex trafficking, Saving Innocence works to ensure that no child who has been a victim of commercial sexual exploitation is left alone to navigate recovery.

Give to Saving Innocence
Zoe International

Zoe International works to rescue child victims of human trafficking and exploitation through prevention, rescue, and restoration. The organization identifies victims of human trafficking and orphans in danger, collaborates in rescue alongside government and law enforcement, and protects children who have been rescued, providing them with opportunities and support for a new path and future. 

Give to Zoe International
Door of Hope

Founded in 1985, Door of Hope’s mission is to equip families and children experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives. Unlike most homeless service organizations where families are separated, the Door of Hope program keeps the family unit together as they work towards their end goal of achieving permanent housing. They also have a phenomenal success rate of over 83% of families staying out of homelessness and becoming financially independent for more than five years after they graduate from the program!

Give to Door of Hope
Union Rescue Mission

Founded in 1891, Union Rescue Mission is one of the largest missions of its kind in America, helping men, women, and children escape the streets of Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles through food, shelter, education, counseling, and long-term recovery programs.

Give to Union Rescue Mission
International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission works to end violence against people living in poverty across the world, focusing on rescuing women and children from sex trafficking and freeing families from forced labor slavery. IJM partners with local justice systems across the world to find and save people in slavery, to address victims’ urgent and ongoing needs, to bring slave owners to justice, and to provide training and support for local law enforcement and other community leaders to stop the cycle of violence.

Give to International Justice Mission
The Mentoring Alliance

The Mentoring Alliance is a faith-based organization that provides educational programs, including Mentoring Alliance After School Boys & Girls Clubs of East Texas, Mentoring Alliance Summer Camps, and Mentoring Alliance Mentor Connect to provide kids and families in Texas with tangible help and eternal hope.

Give to The Mentoring Alliance
Children's Hunger Fund

Children’s Hunger Fund was established in 1991 and since then has trained and equipped networks of churches throughout 25 countries to provide their local communities with nourishing food, medicine and vitamins, clothing and bedding, and other kinds of desperately needed aid.

Give to Children's Hunger Fund
Meals from the Heartland

Meals from the Heartland is a group of Midwesterners with big hearts and a calling to serve, who come together to save starving children, one meal at a time. Since 2008, the organization has provided over 165 million meals to the hungry in Iowa and around the world, partnering with a large network of strategic distributors to send food to locations where they can be confident it will reach the right hands.

Give to Meals from the Heartland
Lifeline Children's Services

Lifeline Children’s Services exists to provide a hope and a future through the Gospel for children around the world by discipling, engaging, and equipping people towards adoption, foster care, and orphan care. Lifeline assists families through domestic and international adoption in all 50 states, each of the U.S. territories, and with U.S. citizens living abroad.

Give to Lifeline Children's Services

(Un)Adopted exists to provide a hope and a future for orphans around the world by facilitating a safe environment to disciple and equip children in need. The organization provides churches with necessary resources and training to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of vulnerable children in their community. By empowering the local church and community to care for the vulnerable, (Un)Adopted seeks to holistically care for children in their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Give to (Un)Adopted
I'm Me

I’m Me is an orphan care ministry providing job creation, education, and family preservation, to end the orphan cycle in Haiti through family. The organization is focused on long-term investment by partnering with locals on the ground, creating programs and efforts that are to be run indigenously with the mindset of empowerment and sustainability.

Give to I'm Me
Global Health Innovations

Global Health Innovations is a non-profit organization that exists to design, implement, and manage medical programs focused on providing solutions to save lives, one village at a time. The organization uses technology to improve communication and accountability between health care providers, laboratories, and parents, improving the facilitation of timely HIV DNA-PCR testing and the early initiation of anti-retroviral therapy to optimize outcomes for HIV-exposed infants.

Give to Global Health Innovations
Hoving Home

Walter Hoving Home is a residential spiritually-based home. They are a non-profit organization serving women ages 18 and over who have been involved in drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and other life-controlling problems. The 6 or 12 month program is geared to rebuilding broken lives in an atmosphere of warmth, trust, support, and love.

Give to Hoving Home