The Forest and the Trees

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At JRW, we understand that the future performance of an investment may be profoundly impacted by macroeconomic forces. Our distinguished research and analysis of these trends has been key to the successful protection and growth of our clients’ wealth. The careful attention we pay to the macroeconomic conditions of the current economy (the forest) informs the recommendations we make for each individual investment offering we evaluate (the trees).

JRW Recession Video

Without an understanding of the current macroeconomic trends, one is left with an impoverished view of the value of an investment. Each investment’s performance depends not just on the details of its structure, financing, and underlying assets, but also on the broader economic conditions that can affect asset classes, markets, and industries differently. Since these factors change as the economy moves through its cycle, a proper evaluation of any investment must consider how likely it is to perform under the array of possible economic outcomes. Neglecting these macroeconomic forces misses the forest for the trees, exposing investors to the risk of choosing the best of a bad lot.

“ To make knowledge productive, we will have to learn to see both forest and tree. ” Peter F. Drucker

Curated Research

We have established a substantial annual budget that enables us to gain access to, and insight from, some of the top economists, geopoliticists, financial historians, and investment managers in the world. These resources directly inform our macroeconomic perspective and investment recommendations.

From time to time, we post exclusive summaries of our in-depth macroeconomic research on behalf of our clients.

See What We See

Our macroeconomic research is reflected in the summaries of each particular investment recommendation we make. To access our preferred investments, together with summaries of our underlying rationale for preferring them, register for a free account. If you would like to discuss your particular situation, our overall investing philosophy, or our current position on the market with a representative, please contact us.

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