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Sage Harbor (SH)

Sage Harbor IRA Investments, Inc. (Sage Harbor) is a commercial real estate investment rm that focuses on safety (low or no debt), quality (national brand name tenants with strong financials), and cash ow (income assets). With over 100 years of combined real estate experience, Sage Harbor’s effectiveness is enhanced by our team’s knowledge of varying aspects of real estate investing. is experience, coupled with our industry relationships, is the driving force behind our current and future success. Sage Harbor is a company defined by our integrity, character, and desire to make a difference in the lives of our investors, our team, and everyone else we touch both personally and professionally. As we all know, changes in the economy have shifted the expectations of investors. Our safety, quality, and cash flow investment philosophy was designed to meet the expectations of investors regardless of what is happening in the economy. Our strong relationships with some of the nation’s leading nursing school and charter school organizations allow us to provide investors with unique products with a greater degree of safety.

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