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Rance King Properties Inc dba RK Properties is a Delaware corporation that has specialized in multifamily investments since 1976. Rance King Securities Corporation is a California corporation that was formed in 1984 and acts as the placement agent for investment products sponsored by RK Properties. Both RK Properties and Rance King Securities Corporation are owned by William Rance King, Jr., who is both a registered FINRA Principal and a multi-state licensed real estate broker. They have over 3,900 units under management across 18 properties. RK currently has a portfolio with a market value that is just under $1 billion. More than 140 of the programs have gone full cycle.

Investments Offered by RK Properties

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Offering Status: Open

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Offering Status: Closed

Investment Name Type Conclusion Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
One White Oak DST DST Reviewed 1532329200 July 23, 2018 Active
Pointe at Lake Crabtree DST Reviewed None Active
RK Pointe at Prosperity Village DST Reviewed 4.10% 1571641200 Oct. 21, 2019 Active
Sonata Apartments TIC Reviewed 1451289600 Dec. 28, 2015 Active