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Landmark Dividend (Landmark)

Landmark is a national industry leader in acquiring real property interests underneath cell towers, billboards, wind turbines and solar projects – a huge, inefficient, highly fragmented and, in Landmark’s opinion, an underpenetrated market. Landmark offers payments to property owners in exchange for long-term ground leases and real property easements under these essential operating assets. Landmark's management team pioneered the ground lease acquisition business in 2002 and has successfully closed over 5,000 transactions. Landmark Infrastructure Partners LP (NASDAQ: LMRK) was formed in November 2014. LMRK is a publicly-traded subsidiary of Landmark established to acquire, own and manage a diversified, growing portfolio of real property interests. They currently manage over 3,000 individual ground leases originated on behalf of Landmark, five active investment funds and LMRK. Their assets are leased primarily to investment-grade/public companies on a long term, on a triple net basis with contractual rent increases. These assets are critical to the day-to-day operations of the tenants’ businesses. Landmark is majority-owned by American Infrastructure MLP Funds (“AIM”), a private equity firm specializing in real property, natural resources and infrastructure businesses. AIM’s team has completed over 170 transactions worth in excess of $25 billion.

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Investment Name Type Conclusion Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
Solar Land 1 DST DST Reviewed 1521788400 March 23, 2018 Active