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Granite (Granite)

Granite Investment Group creates real estate investment programs with a team of skilled professionals adept at identifying solid real estate opportunities. Granite is a unique team of highly accomplished real estate industry professionals with over 150 years of collective experience in identifying, acquiring, renovating, operating, and creating profitably through selling income producing real estate. In recent years Granite has included senior housing properties as an income producing asset. To support Granite’s entry into the senior housing industry, the professional team has been expanded to include experienced leadership, advisors and third party consultants. Granite offers a highly evolved asset investment model that, since 1995, has delivered consistently high returns and mitigated investor risk. Since its inception Granite has acquired in excess of $1.3 billion dollars of real estate assets in seven (7) states. Granite's continued success in creating economic returns from acquired and repositioned income producing properties has cumulatively produced over $400 million in asset value. Moreover, the firm has attracted participation by a growing pool of savvy institutional and individual investors, domestically and abroad.

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