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ExchangePoint (EP)

ExchangePoint is an affiliated company of Starpoint Properties, LLC, a Los Angeles-based company, which provides tax-advantaged real estate investment opportunities for clients. Since 1995, Starpoint Properties and its management team have collectively acquired or sold approximately 20 million square feet of space with an aggregate asset value of approximately $1 billion. As of May 31, 2005, Starpoint Properties had a direct or indirect investment in, as well as managed on behalf of itself and its investors, more than 2,000 multi-family units and approximately 1,000,000 square feet of commercial property having an aggregate asset value in excess of $350 million. With ExchangePoint's Section 1031 tenant-in-common sponsorship program, they are seeking to make Starpoint Properties’ institutional-quality, tax-advantaged real estate investment programs available to individual investors. In doing so, we seek to continue Starpoint Properties’ tradition of providing high quality, tax-advantaged real estate investment opportunities.

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