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Everest (Everest)

Everest Realty Management is one of a group of affiliated companies that have shared ownership and executive management with Everest Properties, Inc. Everest was founded in 1994 by W. Robert Kohorst, to invest in real estate assets and entities holding real estate assets. Everest organized the Sponsor in 2010 to focus on opportunities relating to tenant-in-common syndications, and the Sponsor now seeks to syndicate 1031 exchange-eligible real estate investments into which holders of tenant-in-common interests may wish to exchange the proceeds of such interest upon liquidation.

Investments Offered by Everest

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Offering Status: Closed

Investment Name Type Recommended Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
Everest Kensington DST Recommended 5.41% 1485936000 Feb. 1, 2017 Active