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Covington Realty Partners (Covington)

Founded in 2005, Covington Realty Partners is a diversified, Chicago-based real estate investment company, management company and developer, as well as a sponsor of IRC 1031 tax deferred exchange property offerings. Covington’s conservative investor-first philosophy is to seek capital preservation, increased cash flow and add value continuously to the properties it co-owns with its sponsored partnerships. Covington is experienced in working with a variety of clients including individual investors, mid-size companies and large institutional investors. Covington team members have acquired over $3BB of real estate assets throughout the country. Covington team members have also developed and constructed 89 residential multifamily communities comprising over 16,000 units, estimated to be worth in excess of $2BB. Covington acquires only Class A commercial and multifamily properties in top tier markets, as well as premier locations in secondary markets. Covington currently owns and/or manages 2.7MM square feet of retail and commercial property in 11 states, with over 290 tenants. In addition, Covington and its affiliated companies own and/or manage over 30,000 multifamily units in 13 states with over 700 employees.

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