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Cantor Fitzgerald (Cantor)

Cantor is a premier global financial services firm. Founded in 1945, their diversified organization spans the globe with more than 12,000 employees in more than 150 offices. Cantor is among the largest real estate brokerage and financing companies in the world, a leading inter-dealer broker and a renowned investment bank. Over the past decade, Cantor has invested more than $2 billion in its commercial real estate business infrastructure. It's comprehensive real estate expertise and capabilities are the result of a powerful alignment of vertically integrated affiliates providing unique insight into every phase of a real estate transaction. Cantor’s expansive real estate platform offers broad access to critical market data and research, enhanced ability for diligence and underwriting, and superior deal flow. With their global resources, capital markets knowledge, strategic investments and deep real estate infrastructure, they deliver institutional-quality alternative investments to investors.

Investments Offered by Cantor Fitzgerald

  • 17 Offerings
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  • 2 Recommended
  • 0 Full Cycle

Offering Status: Open

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Offering Status: Closed

Investment Name Type Recommended Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
CF Aurora Multifamily DST Reviewed 5.05% 1573113600 Nov. 7, 2019 Active
CF Bellevue DST Approved 5.10% 1556694000 May 1, 2019 Active
CF Hendry Multifamily DST Reviewed 5.05% 1571122800 Oct. 15, 2019 Active
CF Livonia DST Recommended 5.26% 1557471600 May 10, 2019 Active
CF Net Lease Portfolio 7 DST Approved 1486540800 Feb. 8, 2017 Active
CF Net Lease Portfolio 8 DST Approved 1493622000 May 1, 2017 Active
CF Net Lease Portfolio 9 DST Reviewed 1498892400 July 1, 2017 Active
CF Norterra Canyon Multifamily DST Approved 1519804800 Feb. 28, 2018 Active
CF Railway DST Reviewed 1579075200 Jan. 15, 2020 Active
CF Towson Multifamily DST Reviewed 5.10% 1533106800 Aug. 1, 2018 Active
CF Tribeca Multifamily DST Reviewed 5.12% 1572854400 Nov. 4, 2019 Active
Rivertop Multifamily DST Reviewed 5.03% 1570604400 Oct. 9, 2019 Active
Sawyer Multifamily DST Reviewed 5.07% 1551340800 Feb. 28, 2019 Active
STAR Portfolio DST Reviewed 1524207600 April 20, 2018 Active
WG DST 4 DST Recommended 6.00% 1468998000 July 20, 2016 Active
WG DST 5 DST Approved 6.00% 1475305200 Oct. 1, 2016 Active