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CAI Investments (CAI)

CAI was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Las Vegas. CAI is focused on providing secure, attractive investment returns through the strategic acquisition and asset management of distressed real estate based assets in strengthening U.S. Markets of stability and growth. In addition, it finances, develops and manages properties across key markets in the United States. The Sponsor and CAI are part of a family of companies with approximately 20 employees that manage the entire real estate development process.

Investments Offered by CAI Investments

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Offering Status: Closed

Investment Name Type Recommended Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
Coatesville DST Conditional 6.75% 1568185200 Sept. 11, 2019 Active
Daytona DST Reviewed 7.64% 1542700800 Nov. 20, 2018 Active
Florissant DST Reviewed 6.25% 1536735600 Sept. 12, 2018 Active