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Bluerock (Bluerock)

BVEX is a national sponsor of syndicated 1031 exchange offerings with a focus on Class A assets that can deliver stable cash flows and have the potential for value creation. BVEX is an affiliate of Bluerock Real Estate, L.L.C., a private equity real estate investment firm that sponsors a portfolio currently exceeding 31 million square feet of primarily apartment and office real estate, including approximately $1.8 billion in total property value and over 10.0 million square feet of property. Bluerock’s senior management team has an average of over 30 years investing experience, has been involved with acquiring over 50 million square feet of real estate worth approximately $13 billion, and has helped launch leading real estate private and public companyy platforms.

Investments Offered by Bluerock

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Offering Status: Closed

Investment Name Type Recommended Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
Big Creek DST Reviewed 1481702400 Dec. 14, 2016 Active
BR Beach House DST Reviewed 1461826800 April 28, 2016 Active
BR DeSota DST Reviewed 5.47% 1556607600 April 30, 2019 Active
BR Glenwood DST Reviewed 1513670400 Dec. 19, 2017 Active
BR Jefferson Place DST Reviewed 1535007600 Aug. 23, 2018 Active
BR Quinn35 DST Reviewed 5.05% 1560236400 June 11, 2019 Active
BR Riverside DST Reviewed 1466492400 June 21, 2016 Active
BR Sonoma Pointe DST Reviewed 1502262000 Aug. 9, 2017 Active
BR Westerly DST Reviewed 5.05% 1573200000 Nov. 8, 2019 Active