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Founded in 1970, AEI brings more than 40 years of professional expertise to the management of its net lease property investment funds. AEI Funds are created for investors seeking the opportunity for stable income, low volatility, reduced risk, and capital appreciation. For investors who wish to own entire properties, AEI offers a large portfolio of attractive net leased, income-producing, real estate from which to choose. Net leased properties are especially suitable for tax advantaged 1031 exchanges. AEI began offering tenant-in-common (TIC) interests for IRS 1031 tax-deferred exchanges in 1992 and was the first investment firm in America to obtain a favorable IRS private letter ruling with respect to its TIC offerings.

Investments Offered by AEI

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Investment Name Type Recommended Annual Cash Flow Inv. Date Full Cycle
Healthcare Portfolio DST Approved 1490943600 March 31, 2017 Active
Healthcare Portfolio 4 DST Approved 5.00% 1569913200 Oct. 1, 2019 Active
Healthcare Portfolio 2 DST DST Approved 5.23% 1509519600 Nov. 1, 2017 Active
Healthcare Portfolio 3 DST Approved 5.05% 1529910000 June 25, 2018 Active
Net Lease Portfolio 11 DST Approved 1542268800 Nov. 15, 2018 Active
Net Lease Portfolio 12 DST Reviewed 5.00% 1559372400 June 1, 2019 Active
Net Lease Portfolio 5 DST Recommended 5.25% 1456819200 March 1, 2016 Active
Net Lease Portfolio 6 DST Approved 5.11% 1471244400 Aug. 15, 2016 Active
Net Lease Portfolio 7 DST Reviewed 1471244400 Aug. 15, 2016 Active
Net Lease Portfolio 9 DST Approved 5.26% 1521097200 March 15, 2018 Active